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Guide to Feeding Chickens in OverEZ Coops

by Patricia Turla May 30, 2024 6 min read

Chickens require a consistent supply of food and water, much like we do. An average adult chicken consumes about ¼ pounds of feed a day and drinks several cups of water. Ensuring that these essentials are provided cleanly and continuously can prevent many poultry ailments and keep your flock thriving.

OverEZ coops are designed to address these needs. These waterers and feeders ensure your chickens have access to nutrition for weeks and keep the feed clean and dry. Besides that, with features that promote a convenient feeding solution and reduce waste, these coops support the well-being of your chickens. Explore how these Optimal Feeding Strategies for Chickens in OverEZ Coops ensure that your chickens are well-fed, hydrated, and happy. 

OverEZ Chicken Coop –– Feed Indoor and Outdoor

OverEZ Feeding System

As a chicken owner, you know the daily joys of clucking companions and the quest for the perfect egg. But between the early morning wake-up calls and the coop clean-up, there’s the all-important task of poultry feeding.

Say goodbye to the days of constant refills and messy feed spills. The OverEZ Chicken Feeder is here to revolutionize your poultry care routine.

OverEz feeder is designed to hold 50 pounds of dry food, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It can accommodate chickens 12 weeks and older and offers a no-waste feeding solution that can last up to 45 days. The smart design includes a wide mouth opening and a lid that seals tightly to keep the feed dry and safe from pests, with features like a port overhang and a hidden recessed channel to prevent water from leaking into the feeder and ruining food.

Product Features

The OverEZ feeding system is packed with features designed for your convenience and the health of your chickens:

OverEZ Chicken Indoor or Outdoor Feeder - AllThree Birds at Once
  • Gravity-Fed System with Angled Design. The magic of gravity takes the stage here, allowing feed to flow effortlessly toward the feeding ports. No more feed getting trapped in the corners—a common gripe in the chicken forums!

  • Spilling or Soiling Feed Saving. The unique port overhang and hidden recessed channel prevent feed spillage and water ingress, keeping the feed clean and dry.

  • UV Protected, Food-Safe, and BPA-Free. Constructed with UV-protected, food-safe, BPA-free, recyclable plastic, the OverEZ feeder is built to last in any weather, safeguarding the feed from rain and sun.

  • Easy to Use. No need for funnels or awkward bags. The wide mouth opening lets you pour feed like a pro, and the secure lid snaps in place to protect the contents from curious critters and the elements.

Setting Up Your OverEZ Chicken Feeder

Installing an OverEZ chicken feeder inside your coop can significantly enhance how effectively your chickens consume their food. Below is a step-by-step guide on setting it up:

  1. Positioning the Feeder. Place the feeder in a central location within the coop where all chickens can access it easily. Ensure it’s mounted or standing stable to prevent tipping.

  2. Filling the Feeder. Utilize the wide mouth opening to fill the feeder with up to 50 pounds of feed. The angled design easily allows food to flow steadily towards the feeding ports, available as chickens deplete the supply.

Implementing an Efficient Feeding System

Setting up an effective feeding system in your OverEZ coop involves strategic placement and routine checks.

  1. Strategic Feeder Placement. Position the feeder in a central area of the coop where all chickens can access it without overcrowding.

  2. Maintain Feed Levels. Regularly check and refill the feeder to maintain optimal feed levels. Doing so prevents the bottom feed from getting stale and ensures all chickens get the freshest feed.

  3. Adjust Based on Consumption. Monitor your chickens’ feed intake and adjust the quantity accordingly to ensure they are neither overfed nor underfed.

OverEZ Waterer System

Chickens consume water just as much as food. The OverEZ chicken waterer system employs a gravity-fed design and can accommodate a large volume of water, ensuring your chickens have continuous access to fresh water.

Product Features

The features of the OverEZ chicken waterer are listed below.

Easy Fill Chicken Waterer
  • Hydration Capacity: OverEZ’s waterer can hold 12 gallons of water, ensuring that your chickens have constant access to fresh water whenever they need it.

  • Durable and Safe Construction.Built with the same UV-protected and BPA-free materials as the feeder, this waterer is not only tough but also safe for your chickens. The durability means it can stand up to the elements and the daily pecking and nudging from your birds, perfect in both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Leak Prevention.Nobody likes a wet mess in their chicken coop. OverEZ’s waterer is designed with leak prevention in mind, ensuring that water stays in the container and not on your coop floor. This no-waste design maintains a clean and dry environment for your chickens, which is essential for their health and comfort.

  • Easy Refill and Secure Fit. Filling the waterer is as easy as it gets. The secure fit not only keeps the water clean and drinkable by preventing debris and contaminants but also helps in maintaining the freshness of the water. Plus, the design allows you to place the waterer directly on the ground, making it accessible to all chickens regardless of their size or breed.

  • Convenient.OverEZ’s waterer mirrors the feeder in convenience. Its design reduces the need for frequent refills, which means more time enjoying your backyard flock and less time worrying about their water supply. Such efficiency is a game-changer for busy poultry feeder who wants to ensure their chickens are well cared for with minimal fuss.

Watering Solutions in the OverEZ Chicken Coop

Proper hydration is essential for chicken health, and the OverEZ chicken waterer is crafted to make water access as clean and simple as possible:

  1. Setup. Like the feeder, the waterer should be placed where it is easily accessible but secure from tipping over.

  2. Maintenance. Regularly check the water level and cleanliness. The design of the OverEZ waterer helps keep the water clean, but it’s important to refill it with fresh water daily.

The strategic placement within the coop ensures that all chickens get enough water without competing too aggressively, which is essential for maintaining a peaceful and healthy flock.

Effective Watering Practices

Ensuring your chickens always have access to fresh water will keep them healthy and active. Do the following to optimize your watering practices:

  1. Regular Water Changes. Refresh the water in the waterer daily to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

  2. Thorough Cleaning. Give the waterer a thorough scrub at least once a week to maintain cleanliness and prevent algae growth.

  3. Proper Placement. Keep the waterer in a shaded part of the coop to keep the water cool and reduce algae growth.

Refill Guidelines

The refill schedule varies based on how many layers you have.

  • For 3 to 5 Chickens: Refresh the feeder and waterer every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • For 6 to 11 Chickens: As your hen grows, so does the appetite! Refill every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the peace and the bellies full.

  • For 12 to 15 Chickens: With a larger chicken, refill more frequently to ensure there’s plenty for all. Plan on refilling every 2 weeks to keep up with their needs.

Feeding and Watering Through the Seasons

The weather influences how you feed and water your chickens. Here’s how OverEZ products stand up to the elements:


During hot weather, water evaporation and feed spoilage can be concerns. OverEZ coops and accessories, being UV-protected, ensure that the food and water do not degrade due to sun exposure. Additionally, the feeder and waterer are designed to minimize spillage and contamination, which is especially important in preventing mold and bacteria growth in humid conditions.


In colder months, ensure the feed does not freeze or clump together. The feeder’s gravity-fed system and angled design keep the feed flowing smoothly, even in chilly weather. For water, a power cord access port on the waterer allows for the easy installation of a heating element to prevent freezing.

Spring and Autumn

During these milder seasons, maintaining regular checks on food and water levels is still necessary, but the OverEZ system’s large capacity means fewer refills. The secure, tight-fitting lids and smart feeding port design protect against any seasonal pests or debris.

Maintenance and Care for OverEZ Feeders and Waterers

To ensure that your OverEZ feeder and waterer last long and function effectively, regular maintenance is key:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean the feeder and waterer with mild soap and water to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria.

  • Inspection: Check for any signs of damage or wear that could affect functionality or safety.


Feeding Chickens in Overez Coops

The thoughtfully designed OverEZ chicken feeder and waterer cater to the unique dietary needs of chickens, making poultry care a breeze. With these advanced features, you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying the pleasures of backyard chicken farming.

Patricia Turla
Patricia Turla

Patricia, a seasoned writer and editor, brings a wealth of experience and a pinch of flair to the world of off-grid living. With a sharp pen and an ever-curious mind, Patricia has collaborated on and edited various publications covering off-grid solar power, prepper's canning and preserving, and water purification. These numerous publications under her belt have been instrumental in shaping how-to guides and educational material for those keen on being off the grid. Beyond that, her commitment to empowering others with knowledge and her hands-on experience make her a trusted voice in the community of sustainable living advocates.

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