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Integration of OverEZ Coops for Small Farms

by Patricia Turla May 30, 2024 5 min read

For small farm owners, the daily rhythm of caring for animals sets the tone for the rest of the day’s work. OverEZ Chicken Coops are here to make those mornings a little brighter and much easier. Designed with the small-scale farmer in mind, these coops house up to five chickens, keeping them happy and healthy on small farms. Dive into how these coops can transform not just your farm chores but also your overall farming experience. Learn more about Adapting OverEZ Coops for Small Farm Use below.

Benefits of OverEZ Chicken Coops

OverEZ Chicken Coops offer numerous benefits that make them an ideal choice for small farms:

Easy Assembly with Only a Screw Gun

Forget about spending days trying to assemble your coop. With OverEZ, you can have your coop ready to go in just a few hours using only a screw gun. Then, the easy-to-read instructions guide you through each step, ensuring that even those with minimal DIY experience can complete the installation without a hitch.

Small Chicken Coop Designed for Superior Moisture Levels That Chickens Naturally Produce
  • Ready-to-Go Panels and Trim.One of the standout features of OverEZ Chicken Coops is how much work is already done for you. All panels and trim come painted and assembled, so you don’t need to worry about spending extra time on painting or construction.

  • Pre-Installed Hardware, Doors, and Windows.Not only are the panels and trim ready to go, but all the hardware is pre-installed too. The doors and windows are already in place, meaning there’s no need for measuring or drilling. Just secure the pieces together with your screw gun, and your amazing coop assembles almost instantly.

  • Nesting Boxes and Metal Roof Included.The nesting boxes are pre-assembled and even come with the metal roof installed. Hence, you can get your chickens settled without the hassle of assembling small coop pieces. The nesting boxes are designed to be spacious and comfortable, ensuring your hens have the best environment to lay eggs.

Built to Withstand Cold and Hot Climates

OverEz Small Chicken Coop Made in the USA and Built by Amish-Trained Craftsmen to Handle Hot and Cold Climates

OverEZ Chicken Coops are designed to handle the extremes of cold and hot climates, making them suitable for various weather conditions. Unlike many chicken coops on the market, designed only for having chickens seasonally and without a floor, OverEZ coops offer year-round usability.

When living in the North with subfreezing temperatures and snow, the OverEZ coop keeps your chickens cozy. The ceiling has a radiant barrier that helps maintain warmth, preventing the coop from becoming a frosty freezer. Plus, the ground-built design provides an additional layer of insulation from the cold, ensuring your chickens are snug and protected even during the harshest winter days.

On the flip side, during the sweltering summer heat in the South with high humidity and heat, these coops excel in keeping things cool. The roof panel features radiant barrier sheathing to keep the coop cooler in the summer, and the superior moisture resistance ensures a dry, comfortable environment year-round.

Superior Construction and Materials

Constructed of heavy-duty and quality wood, OverEZ Chicken Coops are built to last. The treated resin used in the construction provides excellent moisture resistance, ensuring the chicken coop remains in top condition regardless of the weather.

A lot of effort has gone into the creation of these chicken coops. Every component, from the ground up, is meticulously designed. Have you ever noticed how flimsy many chicken coops seem? That’s not the case here. Amish-trained craftsmen oversee the building process, resulting in a coop that’s both functional and a standout addition to any small-scale farm.

Each coop is equipped with all the necessities. A heavy-duty and quality, treated wood ramp provides easy access for chickens, enabling them to come and go without a hitch. The well-designed roof profile ensures rainwater runs at the back of the chicken coop, keeping it dry and comfy inside. Moreover, the screened window does more than let in light—it invites breezes, enhancing ventilation and keeping the coop bright and airy.

Convenient Egg Collection and Chicken Care

OverEZ Chicken Coop With Installed Nesting Boxes Constructed Out of Wood

Collecting eggs and caring for your chickens has never been easier. The nesting boxes are assembled and designed for easy access, allowing you to gather eggs without disturbing the chickens. The large chicken door with treated wood makes it simple to let the chickens in and out of the coop, and the screened windows provide excellent ventilation, promoting healthy airflow while keeping predators out. The gable end on the upper point design further enhances air circulation, ensuring your chickens stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Integrating OverEZ Coops into Your Small Farm

Integrating an OverEZ Chicken Coop into your small farm is straightforward and rewarding. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition:

1. Choosing the Right Location

Select a flat, well-drained area for your coop. Doing so will prevent water buildup and ensure the coop remains dry and comfortable. Ensure the location receives some shade during the hottest parts of the day to keep the coop cool.

2. Preparing the Ground

To properly set up your chicken coop, select a suitable location and thoroughly clean the area. Remove any rocks, branches, and debris to ensure a stable foundation. Next, level the ground using a rake or shovel, and for precise leveling, a level tool or a straight board to ensure the surface is flat. When the chosen site has poor drainage, consider elevating it slightly with a layer of gravel or sand to improve water runoff and keep the area dry. Finally, compact the soil or foundation layer to create a solid base for the coop.

3. Setting Up the Chicken Coop

Follow the provided instructions to assemble your coop. With the pre-installed hardware and easy-to-read guidelines, your coop is ready in no time. Use your screw gun to secure the panels and ensure everything is tightly fastened.

4. Adding Bedding and Accessories

Once the coop is assembled, add bedding, such as straw or wood shavings, to the nesting box and floor. Doing so will provide a comfortable environment for your chickens and make cleaning easier. Install any additional accessories, such as feeders and waterers, to complete your setup.

5. Introducing Your Chickens

Gradually introduce your chickens to their new home. Allow them to explore the coop and get accustomed to their surroundings. The spacious design and comfortable nesting boxes will help them settle in quickly.


OverEZ Coops for Small Farms

With OverEZ Chicken Coops, you invest in more than just a chicken shelter. Instead, you invest in a solution to make your farming life easier, more productive, and more satisfying. From the moment of easy assembly to the daily joy of egg collection, these coops ensure your chickens are protected, comfortable, and content no matter the weather. For the farmer who values quality, practicality, and durability, OverEZ Coops is a clear choice, proving that great things come in carefully crafted packages.

Patricia Turla
Patricia Turla

Patricia, a seasoned writer and editor, brings a wealth of experience and a pinch of flair to the world of off-grid living. With a sharp pen and an ever-curious mind, Patricia has collaborated on and edited various publications covering off-grid solar power, prepper's canning and preserving, and water purification. These numerous publications under her belt have been instrumental in shaping how-to guides and educational material for those keen on being off the grid. Beyond that, her commitment to empowering others with knowledge and her hands-on experience make her a trusted voice in the community of sustainable living advocates.

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