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RFID VS Faraday Bag: What's the Difference?

Protecting our electronic devices and information is crucial, more so now than ever before. Two popular tools that we usually use are RFID blockers and Faraday bags. RFID blockers work by using a layer of conductive material to create a protective shield around your items, preventing RFID readers from accessing the information stored on your cards or devices.

A Faraday bag functions similarly to a Faraday cage, using two layers or more of conductive materials to block external electromagnetic radiation and prevent any signals from entering or leaving the bag. Faraday Defense offers both RFID blockers and Faraday bags, ensuring protection for every occasion.

Faraday Defense 13.5" Laptop Privacy Protection Bag


Understanding RFID Blockers

Faraday Defense DRY Key Fob Bag

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is commonly used in credit cards, passports, key fobs, and other items to store and transmit information wirelessly. RFID blockers are designed to protect this information from unauthorized access.

What RFID Blockers Can Do

RFID blockers work by creating a protective shield around your items, preventing RFID readers from accessing the information stored on your cards or devices. This helpsprotect against digital theft, such as skimming, cloning of cards, and even car theft. They are often used in wallets, cardholders, and sleeves to ensure your sensitive information remains secure.

What RFID Blockers Can't Do

While RFID blockers are excellent for protecting against RFID skimming, they do not provide protection against more high-powered wireless signals, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS. They are specifically designed for low-powered RFID frequencies, so their protection range is limited.

Faraday Bags: RFID Shielding Plus More

Faraday Defense 5pc Mega Kit NX3 Double Layer CYBER Fabric Faraday Bag

All Faraday bags are RFID blockers, but Faraday bags (or Faraday cages) provide abroader range of protection. These bags are made from layers upon layers of conductive material that shields electronic devices from electromagnetic radiation and radio waves.

Faraday bags can block a wide range of signals, including RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, various frequency bands (4G and 5G), and electromagnetic waves, thus preventing hackers from accessing your private information, data, or tracking your GPS coordinates.

What Faraday Bags Can Do

Faraday bags are versatile and can protect against a wide range of signals, including:

  • RFID: Like RFID blockers, Faraday bags can block RFID signals, making them suitable for protecting credit cards and key fobs.

  • Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices: Faraday bags can block signals to and from cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and radio frequencies—just make sure your boss or partner won't be calling anytime soon.

  • Preventing Tracking and Hacking: By blocking all incoming and outgoing signals, Faraday bags help prevent location tracking, hacking, and unauthorized access to your devices.

  • Data Privacy: Faraday bags protect your sensitive information from prying eyes, making them useful for popular among people in law enforcement, digital forensics, and personal security.

What Faraday Bags Can't Do

While Faraday bags offer extensive protection, it's important to note that their effectiveness depends on the materials used and how good of a seal the bag can do. Conductive material such as nickel and copper work best, which are what Faraday Defense tends to use.

One or the Other?

When considering whether to get an RFID blocker or a Faraday bag, it’s essential to understand your specific needs:

  • RFID Blockers: Ideal for everyday use in wallets and cardholders to protect against RFID skimming. These blockers go well with credit cards, passports, key cards, and car keys. These can also help protect your phone if you have NFC payments enabled.

  • Faraday Bags: Great for when you want additional signal-blocking capabilities, these are suitable for items that don't require mobile data, Wi-Fi, or GPS to function properly. Faraday bags are useful for individuals concerned about data privacy, location tracking, and electromagnetic interference.

Faraday Defense Prices and More Info


Both RFID blockers and Faraday bags offer valuable protection for your electronic devices and sensitive information. RFID blockers are excellent for protecting against RFID skimming, while Faraday bags provide a comprehensive shield against a wider range of wireless signals and electromagnetic radiation.

For those seeking broader protection, Faraday bags are the superior choice. Faraday Defense offers high-quality Faraday products that ensure your devices are shielded from the outside world, keeping your data safe from prying eyes and potential threats.

Remember to choose the right protection based on your needs and stay informed about the latest security technologies to safeguard your digital life effectively.

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