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Numanna Food Storage

Discover the Fresh Approach to Emergency Food Storage with Numanna

Ensuring your family is nourished with safe, wholesome meals is a top priority. That's why, at Numanna Food Storage, we pride ourselves on the transparency of our emergency food ingredients.

Too often, survival food is packed with artificial preservatives like sodium benzoate and sorbic acid. While these compounds extend shelf life, they also come with an unwanted side of potential health concerns—hyperactivity in children, cardiovascular issues in seniors, and respiratory difficulties in asthma patients. With Numanna, such concerns become a thing of the past. Our meals are free of these additives, relying on natural preservation methods such as freeze-drying and dehydration.

Moreover, Numanna Emergency Food Storage shuns the inclusion of man-made chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We believe in the power of natural, organic ingredients, and all our meals are 100% GMO-free.

We're not just about what we leave out; we also focus on the variety and quality of what we put in. Understanding that food sensitivities and preferences differ greatly, we provide gluten-free options for those with celiac disease or wheat allergies, while clearly marking all potential allergens. We've also curated a diverse selection of meals to cater to the taste buds of each family member. From comfort food classics like pancakes and mac 'n' cheese to vegetarian delights like cheesy potato soup and pasta primavera, we've got something for everyone.

Choosing Numanna for your long-term food storage needs ensures that you're never left guessing about what's in your emergency food storage. Our mission is to deliver healthy, delectable meals that we'd be proud to serve to our own families. We believe that everyone deserves access to trustworthy, enjoyable food.


Numanna Emergency Food Storage Guarantee


The Numanna Promise: Foods You Can Trust

In the age of readily available information, more people than ever before are aware of and concerned about the ingredients in their food. NuManna was born from the principle of emergency preparedness anchored in nutrient-rich foods that support your family's health even in a crisis.

Our meals are rigorously tested and certified 100% GMO-free, to ensure you're not an unwitting test subject for GMO companies. We believe in the importance of double-verifying our suppliers' claims through our DNA testing.

We've taken a firm stand against using Aspartame, a common sugar substitute linked to several serious health problems, from headaches and dizziness to digestive issues and diabetes. Likewise, we refuse to use High Fructose Corn Syrup, a product often contaminated with traces of mercury due to the excessive chemical use in GMO crops.

Our commitment to health also extends to abstaining from using chemical preservatives. Instead, we rely on expert blenders who carefully combine specific ingredients to ensure long-term quality. We also employ top-grade packaging that keeps out oxygen and light while oxygen absorbers within the bag further protect our recipes.

Understanding the potential health concerns and allergies associated with Soy, we've opted to keep it out of our meals. There is no "plastic meat" or other soy-derived substitutes in Numanna meals, making them entirely soy-free.

The Numanna Advantage: Superfoods for Superior Nutrition

During stressful times, your body craves additional nutrients to stay healthy. That's why we enhance our Defender Pack products with organic grains and "superfoods"—naturally dense nutritional powerhouses. This includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods like organic quinoa, organic black chia seeds, organic sprouted seeds, organic brown jasmine rice, parboiled rice, and organic spelt. These superfoods are not only loaded with essential vitamins and minerals but are also easily absorbed by the body.

Whether you're looking for hearty, nutrient-dense meals for everyday life or preparing for unforeseen circumstances, Numanna Food Storage is your go-to choice for healthy, tasty, and reliable emergency food storage. With Numanna, you're always ready to nourish and protect your family.