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Nutrient Survival Food


Nutritional Standards of the US Military

They call it Special Ops Grade Nutrition. What does this mean you ask? Well the US Military spent years researching and perfecting the food provided to their Special Ops teams to ensure it provided the essential nutrients needed for top performance and endurance.

Nutrient Survival Food provides the same level of nutrition based on this research and are packed with 40 essential nutrients. You can Feed your Freedom with the most nutrient-dense meals on the market with Nutrient Survival.

Why Nutrient Survival Food?

  • Nutrient Survival's mission is to revolutionize what survival food should be with the world's most nutrient-dense food by creating meals that defend your body.
  • Each meal has everything your body needs an excellent source of the Big 5.
  • They are formulated to last for 25 years.
  • Can be prepared without needing heat.
  • Survival food that's nutritious and delicious.
  • Special Ops Grade Nutrition.
  • Single Servings are available.
  • Just add water, no cooking required.

We tried it! Our Nutrient Survival Food Review

Wow was this food ever awesome. We absolutely loved how easy it was to prepare. It makes me feel so good and ready for anything having it in our closet! We tried out the Triple Mac and the Homestyle Scramble and it was so good! I know our two kids would love both as well. The Homestyle Scramble was my favourite, mainly because I just love potatoes and peppers together! It was super tasty. The Triple Mac was really good too, the spiral noodles did a good job of capturing the cheesy goodness and it tasted like good old mac and cheese that will please the whole family. Looking forward to trying the other flavours!

How easy is it to prepare?

If you're looking for incredibly nutritious meals to feed to your family on a busy weeknight, to take along with you camping, or to use in an emergency, Nutrient Survival food will work for you. If you're making it for dinner, you just need to turn on the kettle, throw the food in your bowl with some hot water, let it rest and your meal is ready in a matter of minutes. No worries about feeding your family empty calories, this food is packed with the essential vitamins to keep everyone healthy and satisfied. Nutrient Survival Food is one of the top emergency food brands on the market not only for their nutrient-dense recipes but because of how easy it is to prepare during an emergency. You can use cold water to hydrate your emergency meals and you'll be at peak refuel in no time.

Nutrient Survival Food Q&A:

Q: What is Nutrient Survival Food?

A: Nutrient Survival Food is a survival and emergency food company that specializes in producing nutrient-dense meals based on the nutritional standards of the US Military. Their products, also referred to as Special Ops Grade Nutrition, provide essential nutrients needed for optimal performance and endurance, making them an ideal choice for emergency situations and outdoor activities.

Q: How does Nutrient Survival Food ensure the nutritional quality of their products?

A: Nutrient Survival Food works with WISEcode, an independent scientific organization focused on simplifying and updating nutrition information. Together, they ensure that the nutritional content of each Nutrient Survival Food product is measurable and communicated clearly and effectively to customers. Each meal is formulated to provide an excellent source of the Big 5 essential nutrients.

Q: How do I prepare Nutrient Survival Food products?

A: Preparing Nutrient Survival Food is incredibly easy. For most meals, you just need to add water, either hot or cold, to the food and let it rest for a few minutes. No cooking or heat is necessary, making it a convenient option during emergencies or outdoor activities.

Q: What is the shelf life of Nutrient Survival Food products?

A: Nutrient Survival Food products have a long shelf life. The day survival kits and single-use packs have a shelf life of up to 15 years, while the #10 cans can last up to 25 years. This makes them a reliable option for long-term storage and emergency preparedness.

Q: What types of meals does Nutrient Survival Food offer?

A: Nutrient Survival Food offers a variety of delicious meal options, including hearty lasagna, maple almond grain crunch, cheese mac, creamy chocolate shake, and more. They continually work on developing new flavours and products to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their customers.

Q: Where can I purchase Nutrient Survival Food products?

A: You can purchase Nutrient Survival Food products from Wild Oak Trail, either through their website or by calling them to place an order. They strive to provide customers with top-quality, nutritious, and delicious survival food options.

Q: How should I store Nutrient Survival Food products?

A: Unique to Nutrient Survival Food's product line is how they package their meals. Nutrient Survival’s food comes in sample packages, single-use packages for on-the-go meals, day survival kits, and the #10 can. The day survival kits and single-use packs have up to 15-year shelf life, whereas the #10 can last up to 25 years. They can be stored in your closet, pantry, basement, bunker, you name it. When you need your food, it will be ready for you.

Nutrient Survival Emergency Food Storage

How will Nutrient Survival Food add value to your life?

In today's fast-paced world, priorities range from ensuring a secure future for your family with prepping, exploring nature's beauty, to managing the daily whirlwind of life . An answer to all of these is Nutrient Survival Food, a promise of nutrition, convenience, and assurance. Whether you're prepping for unforeseen challenges, hiking scenic trails, camping under the stars, living off the grid, or a busy mom balancing the many demands of family life, Nutrient Survival Food stands ready as a solution.

1. Stocking Your Prepper Pantry 

When it comes to preparing for the unexpected, Emergency Food Storage is crucial. It's more than just having supplies; it's about ensuring safety, nourishment, and peace of mind. The unpredictability of the world underscores the importance of being ready, and Nutrient Survival Food is your trusted ally in this endeavor. With a shelf life of up to 25 years for some products, it promises nutrient-dense meals that ensure you and your family are taken care of, no matter what.

2. For the Adventurous Hiker

Embracing nature, conquering peaks, and hiking trails demand energy and replenishment. Nutrient Survival Food is tailor-made for this, with compact packs that fit snugly into your backpack. A simple addition of water gives you a meal that re-energizes and ensures you're always ready for the next leg of your journey.

3. Campers' Delight

There’s an unmatched joy in camping - the open skies, the crackling fires. And while traditional campfire meals have their charm, sometimes you need something quick, satisfying, and devoid of fuss. Nutrient Survival Food fits the bill perfectly. From the delectable Triple Mac to the fulfilling Homestyle Scramble, you'll have a taste of home, even in the wilderness.

4. Living Off-Grid

The tranquility and self-reliance of an off-grid lifestyle demand smart choices. With its impressive shelf life and nutrient-packed offerings, Nutrient Survival Food seamlessly integrates into this life. Store it, forget about it, and when you need it, it’s there, ensuring you're nourished and ready for the day.

5. Busy Moms on-the-go

Between balancing work, home, and kids, meal planning can be daunting. Nutrient Survival Food comes to the rescue for moms everywhere. A last-minute dinner? Their mac n cheese is your answer. Within minutes, a nutritious, tasty meal is on the table.

Whether you're preparing for the unknown, trekking through nature, or navigating daily life, Nutrient Survival is the reliable, nutritious partner you never knew you needed