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November 24, 2022 2 min read

In remote locations, it's hard to find a reliable heating source that allows you to control the temperature of the room with ease. Wood stoves require too much work, and you can't rely on access to the grid. Fortunately, Martin propane heaters offer clean energy, proper heat dispersion, and easy control of the room temperature.

While that sounds great, you may still worry about safety, especially if you aren't always home. Here's what you need to know!

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Martin Propane Heater Safety Features

You can't find better than a Martin direct vent wall heater when it comes to safety. In the original packaging, each heater comes with a tip-over safety switch, an easy installation manual, built-in thermostat levels, and the vents required to safely connect to your propane tank.

All of this allows for the optimum use of the generated heat with minimal fuel loss, and extreme safety. Even with little to no maintenance, you will never have to worry about exhaust coming into the house. That is because of the secure connection, as well as the tip-over safety switch to immediately cut the gas supply.

Also, any gas wastage and exhaust are sent out of your home. While we still recommend using a carbon monoxide detector and inspecting your throughout the winter, you shouldn't have to worry!

Is It Safe to Run a Martin Propane Heater Unsupervised?

Martin propane heater

Yes, it is generally safe to keep your Martin propane heater running while away from home. If you need to leave it running while away overnight, that's fine. If you have an off-grid cabin and you're worried about the pipes freezing, you can leave it running. Feel free to leave your work spaces heated overnight as well.

Regardless of the situation, Martin's safety features are unparalleled. As long as the direct vents are connected appropriately to the back of the unit (follow the installation kit) and you keep up with the low maintenance required, you won't have to worry.

If you are leaving for a long period, just double-check to ensure that all flammable objects and materials are kept away from the heater. Also, keep your doors open and consider running a fan for better heat flow, especially if you need to prevent your living space from freezing! From there, you can easily set the desired temperature with the room thermostat!

Get a Martin Propane Heater Today

Martin heaters come with some of the best features, the highest-quality materials, and the best prices of any wall furnace you can find. Even better, they come with a sleek fireplace design that creates a cozy atmosphere for your living space, and you won't have to worry about safety!

Stay up to date with our latest off-grid living tips, and buy a Martin propane heater today with free shipping in the United States and Canada and a price match guarantee! If you don't like it, you can get a full refund with the manufacturer's warranty!

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