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Can Berkey Water Filters Filter Stagnant Water?

We’ve all heard of filtering straws and purifying tablets to drink stagnant water, but nobody would ever dare use a Brita or Pur filter for it. However, Berkey water filters are known as some of the best water filters on the market. So, how will they fare with stagnant water? Let’s find out!


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What Is “Stagnant Water”?

For all intents and purposes, we’ll be using the term “stagnant water” to refer to natural water sources from lakes or ponds. You can also apply this to natural streams or rivers that are murky or less than ideal.

We are not including tap water in this unless there was a recent issue such as a natural disaster that may have affected your tap water. Overall, Berkey water filters are incredible at filtering tap water, so let’s see how they do with stagnant water!

What Can Berkey Water Filters Filter?

Berkey Black Elements

Black Berkey filtering elements are incredible at reducing heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. So, to what degree?

Well, 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and heavy metals at a rate of 99.9%. Essentially, they’re pretty darn good at filtering these contaminants.

Therefore, you can remove almost all contaminants, even if using stagnant or raw water. This means that, no matter how unreliable your water source is, you won’t have to worry. However, there is a breaking point.

How Long Can The Filters Last?

Generally, you would only need to replace your Berkey filters every 2 to 5 years or 6,000 gallons. This is far ahead of common filters that only last for 40 to 120 gallons, and the filters get so much more contaminants out of your drinking water!

Still, if you are using an unreliable water source, we recommend changing your system in around half of that time. Every 1 to 2.5 years or 3,000 gallons is a good rule of thumb. Just remember to prime your filters thoroughly andclean them on schedule!

Other Factors to Consider

If you plan to use your Berkey water filters for off-grid drinking water, we recommend draining your lower chamber every 3 days or so. Also, remember to clean your upper chamber and filter elements every 6 to 12 months for the best results.

If you do this, you shouldn’t have a problem drinking from your Berkey filter, regardless of the water source.

Can Berkey Water Filters Handle Stagnant Water?

The answer is yes, but only for a limited time. The Black Berkey elements are fantastic at filtering small contaminants like heavy metals, and they’re even better with large debris found in stagnant water or even mud. However, these larger contaminants will wear down your elements faster. Keep them clean and maintain them for the best results, if you have an unreputable water source at home.

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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